Evaporating [verb]

Definition of Evaporating:

dry up, dissolve

Synonyms of Evaporating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evaporating:

Sentence/Example of Evaporating:

Last spring, hundreds of bookings and events evaporated almost instantly.

Nasdaq futures suggest roughly one-third of yesterday’s gains will evaporate at the opening bell.

Osha tells Fortune he believes “the concerns about profitability are going to evaporate, and the people who make these index decisions will do what they do.”

Just make sure the alcohol is totally gone—it’s odorless when it evaporates, so you’ll know when you no longer can smell it—and then repeat.

Stalled action on childcare is no longer acceptable for millennials and Gen Zers, who are watching their futures evaporate before them.

They produced plenty of lightning, but most rain would have evaporated during the long dry journey down.

Approximately 41% of sales evaporated—worth more than $700 million—and 31% of employees—roughly 4,600 jobs—at craft distilleries have been furloughed.

Dawn found many sodium chloride deposits on the surface, which scientists thought likely came from liquid that had seeped up onto the surface and evaporated, leaving behind a salty crust.

Much of the human edge will have evaporated in a short, very short time.

Another is that the liquid evaporated and was destroyed by sunlight striking Titan’s atmosphere.