Evasion [noun]

Definition of Evasion:

escape, avoidance

Synonyms of Evasion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evasion:

Sentence/Example of Evasion:

They basically can call the police to deal with specific issues, but similar to fare evasion issues, our experience has been that that elevates to other issues very quickly.

The evasion is a response to the army of bots that investors routinely deploy to catch any whiff of implicit market intelligence.

In 2018, Fan Bingbing, China’s most famous movie star, reemerged after a months-long disappearance to confess to tax evasion and pay a hefty fine.

Board members have called for a significant change in direction to the agency’s enforcement approach after years of increased crack downs on quality of life crimes, including fare evasion.

In a Voice of San Diego series, Lisa Halverstadt illuminated the degree to which aggressive, draconian enforcement of transit fare evasion by San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System has impacted the lives of the people who rely on public transit.

The day after my story about how MTS tickets can terrorize low-income riders, the board voted unanimously on a bolstered plan to reduce the burden of fare evasion tickets and ensure riders get a chance to pay before being ticketed.

Our attempts to hold people accountable for their misdeeds often obscure our own evasions of societal responsibility.

He is described in court documents as being a master of evasion and manipulation.

Perrott, who wished to hunt out rather than pardon him, watched the ports so carefully as to frustrate many attempts at evasion.

He felt sure this was a plausible evasion, and that she really was afraid to apply his test to his rival's love.