Evasive [adjective]

Definition of Evasive:

deceitful, tricky

Synonyms of Evasive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evasive:

Sentence/Example of Evasive:

With his evasive singularity was mingled a certain exotic odour like the distant perfume of a country well loved of the sun.

The weaknesses of Fieldas revealed in his two independent comedieswere of a nature more evasive, less capable of definition.

This time the monk was caught; but, in accordance with the habit of his brethren, his answer was as it was meant to be, evasive.

Nevertheless, mystified as he was, he concealed the details of their trip under an evasive answer when he returned to his room.

To our questions they returned evasive answers or were silent, and finally asked by what authority we had overhauled them.

The moods of a thinking man in politics are curiously evasive and difficult to describe.

Many men sought Harwood and inquired in awed whispers as to Bassett's whereabouts, but he gave evasive answers.

Her whole manner changed suddenly, and she became earnest instead of evasive.

The men returned us evasive answers, like the kind-hearted fellows they were, and cheered us up in every possible way.

When they rose the next morning Peter Gross inquired for his host, but was met with evasive replies.