Evasiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Evasiveness:

Briefly dropping eye contact is natural in person but can come across as evasive on video.

The professor who hired her had been so evasive about exactly what her salary would be that she had agreed to work a second job as governess for his two daughters.

Because the virus mutates rapidly and has several genotypes — seven have been identified to date — as well as dozens of subtypes, it is an evasive target for the immune system, and the development of a vaccine has been fruitless so far.

Annie was so intent with what she had to tell Alice that she did not realise the extreme evasiveness of the other's manner.

The fitful evasiveness of her manner when the subject was under discussion countenanced the idea.

"I didn't say," answered her mother with exasperating evasiveness.

His companion glanced down at him sharply, but in his tranquil and half-somnolent face there was no trace of evasiveness.

I was glad to meet a man in this city of evasiveness whose views were positive, and who was eager to communicate them.

And he was sincerely unaware that his courtesy, in its dry evasiveness, was more repudiating than rudeness.

"I will present him to you, dear heart, as soon as we are married," he replied with awkward evasiveness.