Event [noun]

Definition of Event:

occurrence, happening

Opposite/Antonyms of Event:

Sentence/Example of Event:

The event under investigation occurred last Friday when the unidentified woman was turned away from Duesseldorf University Hospital because a ransomware attack hampered its ability to operate normally.

“I was the 24-hours-on-call person for major events for two years for him in the role,” Troye said.

On Sunday, he defied state and federal guidelines to hold an indoor event in Nevada at which thousands cheered him, most of them maskless.

Apple also debuted its Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch, which starts at $400, and the Apple Watch SE, which starts at $279, during its online event.

He saw the potential for ServiceNow’s suite of software, which included messaging and event tracking, to appeal to a much wider audience.

Anywhere there was an event with investors present, Melanie found her way there.

It didn’t report any serious adverse events as part of its phase 1-2 trial.

These include events like changing jobs, moving homes, or having a baby.

This would in any event have depressed prices of cotton, even under ordinary conditions.

Please advise the surrender as soon as possible in order to give due and solemn publicity to the event.