Ever [adverb]

Definition of Ever:

always, at any time

Opposite/Antonyms of Ever:


Sentence/Example of Ever:

A long stretch of smooth ice followed, over which he glided with ever-increasing speed.

The pole was, therefore, continually floating or rising and falling in steam of ever-varying pressure.

No, give me deserts or precipices,—anything fixed and solid is better than this capricious, ever-changing sea.

What matter if souls and bodies are failing beneath the feet of the ever-pressing multitude!

It is a known fact that the third class traffic pays for the ever-increasing luxuries of first and second class travelling.

He dropped the ever-pleasant conversation in which he was indulging with a famous lady novelist and became alert instantly.

I thank and adore the ever-blessed Trinity, who gave thee such high gifts.

The ever-pressing necessity for graves compelled the fossors at length to attempt the construction of galleries on a lower level.

I thank and magnify the ever-blessed Trinity, who chose thee from all our race for this special privilege.

I am thankful and I marvel at the surpassing beneficence of the ever-blessed Trinity, who conferred on thee this privilege.