Evergreen [noun]

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This is a moral and legal imperative for us, and it is an evergreen priority.

As the last leaf of autumn floats to the ground, the burden of carrying the garden through the winter falls to evergreens.

This list includes deciduous and evergreen tree species found in cool climates down to warmer tropical latitudes.

An evergreen feature like this could open up further monetization opportunities, particularly around social commerce, once it is opened up to advertisers.

The Fifth is still essential listening because it carries an evergreen message of being unafraid to pursue the light during periods of darkness.

While Business Insider hasn’t begun booking its 2021 events calendar yet, the live event-as-evergreen-content strategy “is something we’re eager to explore more,” said Kristin Mooney, the executive director of events at Business Insider.

He went backwards, sailing through the air, to land in the evergreen bed.

A pair of persistent song sparrows, building in an evergreen by the brook, kept up a steady song.

Above the center, in amongst the evergreen wreaths, was a shining star made by jets of gas.

This is known as the "deciduous" habit, and such trees are called deciduous trees, in distinction from "evergreen" trees.