Everlastingly [adverb]

Definition of Everlastingly:


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Sentence/Example of Everlastingly:

Didn't the one stupendous obligation cover everything, and lay him, everlastingly abject, at her feet?

I can't spend it out here; can't even tip the servants at the hotel without everlastingly demoralizing them.

The girls used to sit about indoors and embroider—oh, everlastingly!

He must be everlastingly tactful and not attempt more than the simplest advances at the beginning and not more than one at a time.

You are everlastingly going somewhere, Theo, and Elin and I stay at home, as usual.

Alfred felt that he would be everlastingly disgraced when he announced that he was not able to pay the debts incurred.

Then there was not much to do except to wait, everlastingly squinting across the bright sea to the horizon's edge.

Big, jetty crows gathered close to her, crying, as if warning her to flee before it was everlastingly too late.

I can see that would be the kind of a chap that the dames would stand for everlastingly.

Better go without your dinner, I thought, than be thus everlastingly fishing for it like a cormorant.