Every [adjective]

Definition of Every:

each, all

Synonyms of Every:

Opposite/Antonyms of Every:


Sentence/Example of Every:

It is an every-day spectacle; it would not seem at first sight to contain material for a picture.

It has got to be such an every-day thing that nobody looks surprised or pays any attention to him.

The distant sound, coming from the world of men and every-day affairs, seemed to break the spell.

In like manner we perceive marks of design and intelligence in the countless contrivances and instruments used in every-day life.

True politeness, as I understand it, is kindness and courtesy of feeling brought into every-day exercise.

Educate them for the Store and the Counting House—to do every-day practical business.

It is marvellous how constantly groupings and poses and effects of all kinds occur in every-day life.

Felix, watching me, uttered his explanations as calmly as if the matter were one of every-day significance.

They adopt orphans, pay regular incomes to widows, as mere parts of every-day work.

If walruses talk and hens are reasonable in one part of the story, to reduce them to every-day animals would be ruinous.