Everyone [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Everyone:

This widening grasp of languages is or was within the capacity of nearly everyone born into the world—given the facilities.

It would make everyone careful, of course, but I fail to see any grievance in that.

It was a corso blanc, and everyone wore white—chiefly modifications of Pierrot costume—and everyone was masked.

But the impression was so fleeting as to be indefinable, and soon I was busy getting everyone settled in the car.

He wrote the fine poem of “Little Jim,” which everyone knew, and which almost every boy and girl could recite.

The visitors, seeing how distressed the General was, by tacit consent avoided the subject, but everyone felt the dampening effect.

A lamp was blazing in the store and I could plainly see everyone gathered along the counter.

It is much admired by everyone that has seen it, and saves a considerable quantity of coal when compared with a Boulton and Watt.

Everyone expected Lexington would be the next to fall, and they were all anxious to have a hand in the affair.

I had scarcely commenced a second time when the Spaniards returned, and everyone again was obliged to fly.