Everything [noun]

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So after a few minutes I remarked to him, "Everything tastes very sweet out of this spoon!"

He wanted to tell her that if she called her father, it would mean the end of everything for them, but he withheld this.

Everything is topsy-turvy in Europe according to our moral ideas, and they don't have what we call "men" over here.

She never realized that the reserve of her own character had much, perhaps everything, to do with this.

I should like it to be used for Maude; and mind, I'll see to everything; you need not give yourself any trouble at all.

It happened that I didn't stay around those police posts long enough to get familiar with the technical terms for everything.

Everything showed a rapid flight; even the would-be dinner of the guerrillas was found half cooked.

He told, in answer to the volumes of inquiries that everything was all right, and that the book would appear soon.

That alone is being sent to your Majesty as a report, in order to inform you of everything, as is my duty.

Lessard's high-handed squelching of MacRae had thrown everything out of focus.