Evicted [verb]

Definition of Evicted:

throw out from residence

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Sentence/Example of Evicted:

In order to be covered by the moratorium, renters have to submit paperwork demonstrating they make less than $99,000 per earner and that homelessness or living with others in close proximity would be their only options if evicted.

Landlords can still evict tenants for unpaid rent if the tenant refuses to apply for or cooperate with rent relief.

He said evicting people would lead some to double- or triple-up with family or friends, which could exacerbate the spread of the virus.

In September, after months of underpaying rent, Long was evicted from her $500-a month apartment.

Five landlords eventually challenged the legality of the moratorium on filing an eviction and a second moratorium on evicting tenants during the course of a state of emergency.

Nor does the discovery that they are residing on a network mean it is easy to successfully evict them, since they can scour the network for new hiding spots.

Earlier this year, the CARES Act provided some relief to tenants in properties backed by federal mortgages, by introducing a 120-day moratorium that made it illegal to evict people or charge them late fees for non-payment of rent.

On the afternoon of this Friday, it was learned that Ramos was at the home of activist Omara Ruiz Urquiola, one of the evicted from San Isidro.

We do not want to see them unduly evicted and displaced or have them foreclosed upon.

Fan favorites from early seasons, such as Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, were targeted and evicted in the first few weeks.