Evictions [noun]

Definition of Evictions:

throwing out of a residence

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Policies like restricting evictions so people don’t fear losing their home if they miss work, expanding unemployment insurance and mandating paid sick leave could help these residents physically distance, Jay says.

Congress has yet to agree on a way to extend some of the generous aid programs and eviction protections that many economists credit with propping up the economy during the dire first months of the pandemic.

One of the changes says adverse actions cannot be taken against tenants based on payment history or an eviction for nonpayment of rent that occurred during the pandemic.

A state eviction moratorium currently bars Maryland courts from removing tenants from their homes, and a federal moratorium offers renters additional protection.

He said the gig economy has pushed him to the brink of eviction.

Measures aimed to help those facing student loan debt and evictions are set to expire at the end of the year.

That means, Claunch said, to legally remove Clarida and Jacob, the program should have filed a motion in district court citing the reason for an eviction, which a judge would have had to approve before the sheriff’s office served notice.

For example, in 2008, challengers in Michigan and Indiana tried to use foreclosure and eviction notices to create a list of voters who might be voting in the wrong district.

Voting is also not top of mind for people facing eviction, temporarily staying with friends or family, or homeless.

Supporters argue the tax hike is needed to supply affordable homes called for in the homelessness plan the city adopted last year and to help address a gap that is expected to grow as eviction moratoriums tied to the pandemic expire.