Evidential [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Evidential:

Of all the apparent coincidences I have noticed between Shakspere's previous plays and the essays, none has any evidential value.

Each was wedded to a system of thought according to which signs on earth were of no evidential value.

They are as evidential of manufacture or of creation or of any other process of intelligent mind.

Such an occurrence can be evidential only when the hair changes color demonstrably in the case of a witness.

(a) Logic is, according to Schiel the science of evidence—not of finding evidence but of rendering evidence evidential.

I mean also to suggest what kind of matters of fact would naturally be adduced as evidential in such a discussion.

All this is, of course, quite non-evidential to the ordinary reader, but I am laying all the documents upon the table.

It is in control of the evidential function that irreducible and independent simples or elements exist.

But a single tablet has little evidential value and we can merely mention the possibilities.

A statement, having no evidential value on its first utterance, does not acquire evidential value from mere reiteration.