Evildoers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Evildoers:

But just as Hanno was rising to look around him for the invisible evildoer, the loud shouts of many voices startled him.

Tell me your name, show that you are no evildoer, and after you have rested you may equip yourself and go your way.

And as she controlled the mystery of thieving so, in reality, she meted out punishment to the evildoer.

He showed how amid a show of outward happiness the canker-worm was always present to prey upon the heart of the evildoer.

Tolstoy's warning: "Do not oppose the evildoer," is not Morality, but an exaggerated parody of it, which renders it nugatory.

Moral law always takes vengeance for transgressions, but not directly on the evildoer.

Daring, head-strong, evildoer who recked not of his sin in shooting the gods that dwell in Olympus.

Every effort will be made to prevent the evildoer, and to convert him to the good way.

But whose help can be implored by him, to whom the king himself acts as an evildoer?

He drew a powerful picture of the life of the evildoer here below.