Evilly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Evilly:

Kidman and Grant, veteran actors who both played deliciously evil “Paddington” villains, are the obvious draw.

Poisonous mushrooms actually look evil, though, an offer of good faith from Mother Nature.

Imagining “such a team of evil geniuses,” Saulson says, “became laughable.”

Mackey says that business isn’t evil, but that it should change toward this model because it creates immense value in society.

As Walter’s enemies grew in stature, the evils he committed to take them down grew in stature, too.

Ah Sing, smiling evilly, searched the face of his victim for an expression of fear or pain.

To evilly disposed men membership in the Klan was an inducement to wrongdoing.

He seemed now to have but two objects in life, to be possessed of two burning desires which dwelt in him evilly like demons.

Newt's eyes blazed evilly at the words, but he only clamped his mouth tighter.

It became bloated with a poisonous wrath, his eyes gleamed evilly and his muscles tensed.