Evinced [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Evinced:

The following epigrams for tobacco jars from "The Tobacco Plant" evince much "taste, wit, and ingenuity."

Avoid personal remarks; they evince a want of judgment, good taste, kindness, and politeness.

An enthusiastic critic once pronounced it to be among modern works one of those that evince most genius.

They evince an advancing condition, and are surrounded by circumstances eminently favorable to it.

Her solemn vow, her judicious repetitions, her whole phraseology, evince this prevailing disposition.

We are required to "confess Christ before men," and it is only by such a confession we can evince the sincerity of our attachment.

What sacrifices hast thou made, tending to evince the sincerity of thy declarations, and the ardour of thy love?

It is certain that he traveled widely, since his writings evince the knowledge thus gained.

In Paris, the authorities, to evince their joy at her downfall, ordered salvoes of artillery to be fired.

Even to-day many Iroquois allude to Hi'nun as their grandfather, and evince extraordinary veneration at the mention of his name.