Eviscerated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Eviscerated:

Thus in the case of a wound which is obviously septic and going to terminate in panophthalmitis the eye should be eviscerated.

Truth becomes palpable, a theme is eviscerated, thought is lame, science is childish.

The caterpillars are eviscerated; each by a single beetle, or by several simultaneously.

All the males, to the number of twenty, have disappeared, eviscerated and completely emptied.

If he had not succeeded in escaping the ferocious female would undoubtedly have eviscerated him.

The males of my menagerie of Gardeners, one and all eviscerated, speak of similar customs.

Then with the eviscerated people he has  invented he begins to make up stories.

Into this she flung the eviscerated mice and in an instant the tiny things were a delicate brown.

And if you strike that out, you have a dead nothing left—an eviscerated Gospel.

The whole of the surrounding country is, as it were, eviscerated.