Eviscerates [verb]

Definition of Eviscerates:


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Sentence/Example of Eviscerates:

Sturdy bristles attack mold and soap scum, and are shaped to a V, which helps it eviscerate tough-to-reach corner grout.

Thanks in no small part to Wood, Detroit eviscerated transition defenses off a live rebound.

The hours are long, there’s a rank smell of indentured servitude, and at any minute your colleagues may attempt to eviscerate you for the pleasure of the crowds.

One candidate has a plan to address climate change, and the other has consistently eviscerated international climate goals, stripped environmental protections, and ignored or blocked science.

Is it their custom to kill the wounded and to eviscerate such of their fellows as suffer damage?

It is decided to catch a trout, eviscerate him, and obtain internal and indisputable evidence.