Evocation [noun]

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For such intensity of evocation is as contagious as an enthusiasm or a panic.

In strictness, the business of poetry should not be called imitation at all, but rather evocation.

Lizzie sat silent, spellbound, as she listened, by the sudden evocation of Mr. Jackson Benn.

Never was ripe skill less mechanical, and never was the faculty of perpetual evocation less addicted to prudent economies.

As if answering an evocation, the opals passed before him in a vision.

Here is a typical case of the method of evocation as against the method of exposition.

Each of these was supposed to have its own peculiar virtues, and many of them are stated to be of use in the evocation of spirits.

The fascination of horror that had held the girl broke before that evocation of the final doom.

We start not so much with superior capacities as with superior stimuli for evocation and direction of our capacities.

Every movement of thought implies an evocation of the opposing passion of these two emotions.