Evoke [verb]

Definition of Evoke:

induce, stimulate

Synonyms of Evoke:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evoke:

Sentence/Example of Evoke:

More common, though, are pictures whose multilevel patterns sprawl every which way, evoking anything from starry skies and microscopic cells to the tapestries woven by her ancestors.

In normal times, the 40-year-old living in his parents’ small Virginia home evoked plenty of suspicion.

Despite being over one hundred years apart, one riot to overturn an election evoked the other.

On a gray afternoon last November, I sat down to a meal that evoked Istanbul cafes where just the year before I had feasted at the edge of the sun-streaked Bosporus.

A consensus has emerged in Maryland and beyond that it’s unacceptable for government entities to keep monuments to Confederate figures on display, as, to many Americans, they evoke forms of unthinkable injustice.

Often associated with the style of 1970′s, the art of Macrame evokes an artistic lifestyle.

Turtles glide through the sea with a certain reptilian elegance, but on land their awkward, plodding movements evoke a wind-up toy in need of a few more cranks.

This year, give a holiday gift that evokes your favorite city or state 12 board games that allow homebound Americans to travel in their imagination

Whether buffeted by waves in the video or piled on the floor, the colorful paper vessels evoke not just migration, but also fragility.

Set up a question or two up for each household to answer that evokes more than a yes or no answer.