Evoked [verb]

Definition of Evoked:

induce, stimulate

Synonyms of Evoked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evoked:

Sentence/Example of Evoked:

"It isn't the work, Miss Chubb," said Algernon, a little ashamed of the amount of sympathy and compassion his words had evoked.

Manners became more decent, pity was more easily evoked by human suffering, and culture more widely diffused.

It is because of this evil spirit that we have ourselves evoked that some now clamour for the complete evacuation of Mesopotamia.

The new hope for the former Greek rgime evoked by Alexander's death was brief.

His frankly ingenuous, almost boyish smile evoked a whimsical response from her.

Imagine the storm of popular indignation that would be evoked in America by an instance of so foul injustice!

Rarely a different note is heard, evoked by rivalry perhaps or the desire to encourage.

It is evident that one cannot give marks for the number of smiles or tears evoked by a tale of true love.

It evoked those ascriptions of praise which a Jew was accustomed to offer to God alone.

A certain moral, as well as a certain emotional temper, is evoked by the Christian hope.