Evokes [verb]

Definition of Evokes:

induce, stimulate

Synonyms of Evokes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evokes:

Sentence/Example of Evokes:

One of these ideas evokes another, and so an endless chain of images passes along.

But in poetry there is nothing that evokes a lusty curse against its vulgar adversaries.

It is the glare of rhapsodical eulogy which instinctively and automatically evokes the complementary colours and afterimages.

There is always a distinct gain when the poem evokes pleasing pictures.

When it was given it was met by all of the objections which it still evokes.

The reputation of the American people as a nation of readers evokes a pleasurable sensation of pride in the patriotic heart.

The whole man is charged with electricity, which sparkles out of him whenever anything evokes it.

The play of water evokes a melody of line and the result is a sense of upsurging joy.

He evokes, and indirectly invites, the indulgence of his worst passions, by promising him the pardon of his sins.

The grief which she feels nearly crushes her spirit and evokes the sympathies of her neighbors, as well it may.