Evoking [verb]

Definition of Evoking:

induce, stimulate

Synonyms of Evoking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evoking:

Sentence/Example of Evoking:

District 11, refreshing with cucumber and yuzu juice, is meant to evoke trips she took to the market in Saigon.

These found elements are overlapped to evoke dream states and the subconscious mind.

Displayed in the Grand Salon, the work evokes enthusiastic, rippling waves or bright storm clouds pressed forward by strong winds.

The newest one, Spiced Cherry, is meant to evoke the same flavor profile and feeling as a classic Manhattan cocktail.

That way, the heaving staccato pulses of “Theatre of Nature” begin to evoke the rah-rah of a celestial baseball game.

While brand symbols like logos, colors, and fonts are meant to evoke a connection between companies and consumers, it’s also necessary to maintain consistency within the company.

That’s due to artwork that, while fairly simple, evokes tantalizing depth and sense of foreboding within a raging, rain-filled vista.

GREAT VALUEMcPherson Cellars EVS Windblown 2017EVS stands for Earth Vine Sky, winemaker Kim McPherson’s mnemonic for evoking the terroir of the Texas High Plains, near Lubbock.

The wide scope of Beard’s influence in our culture is evoked in a quote from the restaurant critic Gael Greene in the preface of “The Man Who Ate Too Much.”

It’s not just the same shade of color it really is evoking the same kind of feeling from photo to photo.