Evolutionary [adjective]

Definition of Evolutionary:

pertaining to evolution or development

Synonyms of Evolutionary:

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Sentence/Example of Evolutionary:

Although biological evolution takes millions of years, artificial evolution—modeling evolutionary processes inside a computer—can take place in hours, or even minutes.

Lieberman uses an evolutionary lens to understand why many of us aren’t motivated to exercise.

These behaviors are often lauded as a male evolutionary imperative.

In proteins from a little later in the reconstructed evolutionary sequence, she detected two fingerprints, one for the ancestral fold but also one for a newer fold, although the new fold remained rare.

“A sample size of three is small, but these are really difficult experiments to do,” says Chris Faulkes, an evolutionary biologist at Queen Mary University of London who wasn’t involved in the study.

Pseudoscientific studies of race and social evolutionary interpretations of Darwin placed racial difference at the heart of the civilizing mission.

They are coming so quickly that even these spectacularly successful evolutionary improvisers do not have time to escape.

Common or not, the phenomenon might have evolutionary or ecological implications.

From an evolutionary perspective, viral mutations and our immune system are constantly engaged in a cat-and-mouse game.

There was a sudden shift in the evolutionary balance between what human technology can do and what viruses can do.