Evolve [verb]

Definition of Evolve:

develop, progress

Synonyms of Evolve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evolve:

Sentence/Example of Evolve:

However, scientists’ grasp on exactly how the technology works is still evolving.

We have to go there if we want this to evolve into something that’s taken seriously.

Cowboys with ample cash and minimal expertise built a house of cards with questionable business models amidst rapidly evolving regulations.

The evolving e-commerce blueprintIn just a few short days in March 2020, Amazon went from being an online shopping destination to a lifeline for millions of locked-down consumers, and it changed the advertising landscape for brands as they knew it.

Your job is to adapt, evolve, and do what’s best for your business and your customers.

Many plants, including broccoli, evolved to produce bitter-tasting chemicals like thiourea to avoid being eaten.

These models can now be exported directly into game engines, and this will evolve the aesthetics of how future games will look as well.

Real-time search insights – especially now – enable us to tap into localized pockets of demand and appear in front of customers with rapidly evolving needs and intent.

At that time, human ancestors had evolved, but it was long before modern humans came to be.

A beetle might be able to evolve such a horn in 20 years, Vershinina says.