Evolved [verb]

Definition of Evolved:

develop, progress

Synonyms of Evolved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evolved:

Sentence/Example of Evolved:

Those broad-brush perspectives on how regional climate is expected to vary are based on slowly evolving planetary patterns that drive weather over the scale of months.

Hurricanes indeed appear to shape lizard diversity by helping them evolve clingy toes.

“The solar magnetic field is evolving all the time,” says solar physicist Zihao Yang of Peking University in Beijing.

Starting around 2012, Google’s search algorithms evolved beyond regression-based models towards deep learning.

You can think of this new infrastructure as a rapidly evolving “matter router” that will employ increasingly complex robotic systems to move products more freely and efficiently.

If your search strategy hasn’t evolved to account for algorithm updates, then you’re probably not seeing the returns you want.

Similar to human connections, synapses come in different varieties and evolve as we age.

More complicated development with different tissue types evolved in only a few groups on Earth, so may represent a higher bar.

Although it’s just one fossil, the find can shed light on how its body evolved to such a small size, says Roger Benson.

Insects generally have short generation times, so they can evolve body parts quickly.