Ewer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ewer:

She demands the golden ewer—the red horse comes to his aid, and he wins the tournament in his red dress.

On a near-by table stood a ewer of water; Constans fetched it and began moistening the bloodless lips.

There is a minor junction of the streams by a cut across the narrowed neck of the ewer opposite Worcester Garden.

The Hereditary Chamberlain then rode likewise to the spot, and brought back a basin with ewer and towel.

Why should he want a silver ewer and basin to wash his hands at his mass?

(he peeped into the cream-ewer, which he turned towards the light, with a whisk).

A later improvement was of the ewer design, with bulbous body, collar top, and cover.

This was a copper-plated kettle patterned after the oriental ewer with a broad base, bulbous body, and narrow neck.

On the washstand I found a small tin ewer and a small tin basin to match, and I dabbed myself gingerly in the cold, stale water.

It was dismantled; a bare dressing-table, the ewer upturned in the basin, the bed and its piled bedding covered with a sheet.