Exacerbations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Exacerbations:

There was a slight intermission of symptoms and then an exacerbation.

His death served still more to increase the exacerbation of the conquerors against the conquered.

This was immediately followed by a marked exacerbation of his psychotic manifestations.

(iii) It is rarely required for acute frontal sinusitis, although it might be used in acute exacerbation of a chronic suppuration.

Where the fever was sharp, it usually remitted during the day, having its exacerbation in the night.

The nocturnal exacerbation now takes the form of delirium and incoherent talking.

Exacerbation succeeded surprise; and that in turn gave way to a maddening thirst for sanguinary vengeance.

They had begun to comprehend this exacerbation of emotion—this paroxysmal rhapsody.

The exacerbation occurred much more frequently just before than just after the period.

Just prior to the onset of an exacerbation the leucocytosis is low.