Exacted [verb]

Definition of Exacted:

demand, call for

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Sentence/Example of Exacted:

The crowd-sourced data provides many more measurements but without the same exact comparability of more planned phone tests.

Nobody’s sure of the exact stats on the mosaic of Kebler groves in the Gunnison National Forest, but researchers suspect they could be bigger.

County and precinct analyses have some limitations, and more detailed research will help us nail down exact shifts among demographic groups.

Next, Malik hopes to do more studies to understand the exact function of Nicknack.

Which is just fine since I’ve come up with a scheduling Ur-theory of life which, in an exhaustive series of cases that I’ve considered success or failure, hinges every time on doing the exact right thing at the right time.

If a very large number of people get infected with the virus on the exact same day, it means that by about a week later, a very large number of people will start feeling ill or seeking medical help, all at the same time.

The contract, one of seven government contracts the company has recently received, was controversial because Faculty was awarded it outside the normal bidding process, and the government has refused to reveal the exact terms.

Brands need to know the exact content and source of their data, especially as we face a future filled with myriad new regulations.

“I am hearing that many registrars are getting these exact same questions,” she said.

Connecticut Coach Geno Auriemma raved about those exact traits when Charles was named 2011 role model of the year by the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.