Exaction [noun]

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By statute and order the Central Authority had authorised compulsory detention for four hours and the exaction of a task of work.

The violent altercation witnessed by Clameran's new valet, Joseph Dubois, had been caused by the exaction of this promise.

But the stern customs of his people had made too severe an exaction of the feeble old man.

How can he be fed, clothed, and warmed without the State making its existence felt by the exaction of a tithe?

The allies no sooner obtained possession of central Europe than they outdid its recent master in every species of exaction.

No doubt she had been harassed by Allen's exaction of response to his ardent affection, and wearied of his monopoly of her.

To this exaction, involving not less than $132,000 per year additional freight rates, the lumbermen of Georgia objected.

You may then spare him every exaction, relinquish every gain; but till down he must be struck incessantly and remorselessly.

Fleetwood knew it, and he scorned to solicit them; an exaction of their idle vows would be merely the humiliation of himself.

Talliage, the citizens of London resist exaction of, i, 139.