Exactness [noun]

Definition of Exactness:

accuracy, precision

Opposite/Antonyms of Exactness:

Sentence/Example of Exactness:

Nor was it merely the words of ceremonial which were of vital importance: other details must be attended to with equal exactness.

All which he would have performed with more exactness, had he pleased to have given us another work of the same nature.

His merit consisted in great logical precision and scrupulous exactness in the employment of terms.

They mill them, that is, put on the marks on both sides at once with great exactness and speed, and then the money is perfect.

They cut them into round pieces, which they do with the greatest ease, speed, and exactness in the world.

We do not know with exactness what privileges Rome reserved for herself as sovereign state.

I can lay claim to scrupulous exactness both in detailing facts and in reporting the remarks of others.

Just where it would go could not be determined with enough exactness.

The one assertion can be disproved, the other cannot with scientific exactness.

But beyond a certain point in the ascending scale, the exactness of this correlation ceases.