Exaggeratedly [adverb]

Definition of Exaggeratedly:

much, really; to a high degree

Opposite/Antonyms of Exaggeratedly:

Sentence/Example of Exaggeratedly:

"Because she wanted to give your brain something to do, too," explained Tilly, wearing an exaggeratedly innocent air.

He was in one of the exaggeratedly humble moods which alternated with his florid, talkative, cock-sure periods.

The front gate clicked softly, and the Father came striding up the walk, whistling exaggeratedly.

Its exaggeratedly narrow trunk, merely concealed his head and the centre of his prodigious frame.

But she had only a faint—and exaggeratedly mistaken—notion about sixty-five hundred a year—six and a half thousands.

The lines of the miser's mouth were close and firm, and his narrow chin turned up to meet an exaggeratedly hooked nose.

Even his exaggeratedly polite compliment left her perfectly cool.

Wolde therfore this erthe on this erthe on this hertly thinke, is superior to the exaggeratedly long line in Lamb.

There are, on the other hand, many men as well as women who complain exaggeratedly after even trifling surgical intervention.

We find here the same sinuous figure with exaggeratedly compressed waist, prominent bosom, and emphasised haunches.