Exaggerating [verb]

Definition of Exaggerating:

overstate, embellish

Opposite/Antonyms of Exaggerating:

Sentence/Example of Exaggerating:

Indeed, following Schumer’s Thursday remarks both Democratic and Republican Congressional aides told NBC News that Schumer may have exaggerated the latest development in the talks.

It suggested that the conventional wisdom about the effectiveness of advertising might be exaggerated.

That would exaggerate the amount of harvesting that would have occurred in the program’s absence, thus overstating the carbon gains it achieves.

The service declined to remove the episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” after listeners complained that Jones exaggerated the risks of giving children the polio vaccine and that masks don’t help stop the spread of coronavirus, among other things.

I also think there is a fear of conflict that is exaggerated sometimes.

When it’s that, when it’s existential, it exaggerates all of those human lessons.

While this reaction lasted he laughed away the evidence, and honestly believed he was exaggerating trifles.

I shall not be accused of exaggerating when I say that the odds against such an enterprise were enormous.

George said in low tones, 'It's no good exaggerating the misfortune.

Without doubt the she-mole observes the rule, even in exaggerating its severity, but why the rule?