Examined [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Examined:

When he had finished, she took them from his hand, and turning them round in agitated silence, examined their seals and writing.

This must have been already examined and considered, if the letters in which I discussed it at length have not been lost.

I would have examined the poor man, but the friends kicked up a great row and shoved me off.

The rules hereafter given must be carefully studied and every example painstakingly examined.

A rather large drop is taken upon a slide, covered, and examined with a low power.

Oats, Captain Trevithick's head boiler-maker, was constructing the boilers; Woolf came into the yard, and examined them.

Small fragments of mucous membrane may be found, and when examined by a pathologist, may occasionally establish the diagnosis.

I am certain this bird had a nest there, though the place was too inaccessible to be examined closely.

Success in the search will depend largely upon careful selection of the portion examined.

The Committee examined numerous railway servants and officials, and reported to Parliament, in June, 1892.