Examines [verb]

Definition of Examines:

analyze, test

Synonyms of Examines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Examines:

Sentence/Example of Examines:

He examines the goods with a most indifferent eye, turns them over and over, and finds fault with them.

It takes the god-idea, examines it, and explains it out of existence.

He draws forth a pair of pistols and examines them carefully.

The detective takes them, turns them over in his hand, and examines them closely.

He first examines the work he is to discuss as to its kind, then as to its causes, its title and school of philosophy.

Examines the process of evolution in industry and the stage which it has so far reached.

She examines the coveted game, walks round it for a moment, then goes away without attempting anything.

She goes to it, examines it rapidly and returns to the Spider, whom she at length lowers down the tube.

He admires not the harmony of colouring alone, but he examines by what artifice one colour is a foil to its neighbour.

The inconsistency of the present position must strike every sensible person who examines it.