Example [noun]

Definition of Example:

instance, model

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Sentence/Example of Example:

For example, a site with just two hundred pages could easily export all indexed pages, and typically all excluded pages by category.

For example, while “running shoes” can be a generic keyword, a long-tail version of this could be “men’s running shoes with thick soles”.

The obvious example Google presented was jaguar, which can be the animal, sports team, car manufacturer or others.

For example, the audit found that not all revenue is tracked by the agency’s accounting office.

Notejoy, for example, makes software for taking notes and sharing them with colleagues.

For example, walking across an oversized piano, suspended in the air by two cords, would activate individual keys.

The example of masks during a pandemic illustrates this point.

For example, Clubhouse — which requires an invite to access — is reportedly already being blocked in China.

I try my best to set the best example I can for the guys that’s coming after me to have an opportunity.

For example, one study found 49 percent of retail workers hold student debt.