Examples [noun]

Definition of Examples:

instance, model

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Sentence/Example of Examples:

In the New Testament a few examples appear in which his utterances are given a quasi-judicial tone.

If the paper is about twelve by eighteen inches this will accommodate moderate examples of most of the fronds.

And from the numerous examples I give, they see exactly how this is to be done in all other cases.

Three to four examples thoroughly studied are quite sufficient for one session or sitting.

Even this exceptional pupil had better carefully study the ensuing examples.

There are many fine examples of the different makers of this celebrated name in this country.

Fine examples of the works of his pupils are now becoming very valuable, and are well worthy attention.

These four instruments are considered by most of the virtuosi, to be probably the finest examples extant of this great master.

The organ is inclosed in a case designed by Mr. Arthur Hill after old renaissance examples.

His examples include the expressions 'coitron de la cuisine,' and 'un quistroun de sa quisyne.'