Exasperates [verb]

Definition of Exasperates:

upset, provoke

Synonyms of Exasperates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exasperates:

Sentence/Example of Exasperates:

Just to exasperate Dayton further I put in a plea for gifts as against character in educational, artistic, and legislative work.

For—perhaps this was partly the effect of the unrelenting heat—her insipid coquetries had begun to exasperate me more and more.

What divisions separate the human race, and exasperate men against each other!

She added several other Sayings which instead of pacifying this silly Queen, did but exasperate her the more.

It seems to me that the best way is to describe, with the simplest precision, those things that exasperate one.

Charles, who had expected no such resistance, was in truth confounded, and the legate endeavoured to exasperate him still more.

The American mind exasperated the European as a buzz-saw might exasperate a pine forest.

De Courcy's coolness served only to exasperate his adversary.

They did not venture to trust me with him, that he might not exasperate me beyond all bearing.

Don't exasperate him; consider what the fortune-teller told you.