Excavate [verb]

Definition of Excavate:

dig up

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Sentence/Example of Excavate:

The unique ability of humans to pry open the Earth and excavate the mass carbon graves of millions of years ago has created an energy surplus unheard of in the billions of years prior.

Crucially, each flare would excavate some protons from the neutron star’s surface.

Makers of the earthwork may have removed soil from the pits to construct mounds inside its borders, as has been observed at excavated council circles in the region.

Five council circles have been found among 22 ancestral Wichita sites excavated along an eight-kilometer stretch of the Little Arkansas and Smoky Hill rivers, around 230 kilometers north of the newly surveyed site.

Previous research has been done on Stonehenge’s acoustics, but was incomplete, says archaeologist Timothy Darvill of Bournemouth University in England who has excavated at Stonehenge but did not participate in the new research.

To excavate a hole under either of the four would have required more time than we believed we had to spare.

I looked among the dead, to see if I could find any iron implement with which to excavate the wall, or to break the chains.

Then the birds are able to obtain a foothold and to excavate with the bill, while clinging to the edge of the hole.

Before the locks could be built it became necessary to excavate down to bed rock.

This has operated to excavate numerous and extensive caves into the coast.