Excavation [noun]

Definition of Excavation:

site of digging; digging

Synonyms of Excavation:

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Sentence/Example of Excavation:

The criticisms got even worse when military excavations in the new Marine base revealed dozens of sites containing human remains and cultural artifacts.

The team also found remains of several large mammals at the excavation site, including taruca, or Andean deer, and vicuña, which are related to alpacas.

The book’s strength lies not in any innovative, broad analysis but in its excavation of important episodes of the early years.

Blakeslee plans to explore more underground features of the Kansas site with additional remote sensing techniques before starting excavations so that digging can precisely target the earthwork and any surrounding remains.

Upstream from Etzanoa sites, excavations have uncovered remnants of a separate Wichita town that ran for about three kilometers, he says.

PG&E, whose transmission lines were determined to have sparked the blaze, launched a major cleanup effort, including hiring a fleet of hydrovac trucks — special excavation equipment for digging around buried wires and gas lines.

At his persuasion the pope purchased the vineyard, and the archological commission began the work of excavation.

He stopped above an excavation where Charnock and another were cutting a hole in the frozen gravel.

Soon after, I descended from the tree, and went to the excavation.

They were now standing in a glade, if we may use this word to designate a vast and dark excavation.