Excavator [noun]

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But, in light of Polly’s great-grandfather’s work as a famous excavator of myths, a la Joseph Campbell, we might also see such coincidences as reflections of a larger, more intricate design than the tangled branches of one family tree.

To protect his property, Hanzawa brought in an excavator and dumped mounds of boulders along the public beach fronting the homes, forming large, sloping walls along the shoreline.

If they are Ancients and dead then let them be buried and left to the archæological excavator.

He must have been an erudite excavator, but, in literature, a reader only of recent minor poetry.

That is, he said he was an excavator, but I never saw anything before that looked at all like him.

The Red Ant (Myrmica rubra) plies, according to circumstances, the trade of a mason or excavator.

The steam shovel, or steam excavator, is a modified form of dredge adapted for excavating material on dry land.

Should her fatigue become too great, the excavator leaves the forefront and mingles with the crowd, to polish and dust herself.

But is not the material detached simply thrust back behind the excavator as the work progresses?

The mere packing of the powdered earth rejected behind the excavator would not account for so large a void.