Exceeds [verb]

Definition of Exceeds:

be superior to; surpass

Synonyms of Exceeds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exceeds:

Sentence/Example of Exceeds:

Therefore, the total circulation exceeds the total flow from and to banks by the amount flowing through "nondepositors."

The quantity of guanos of all kinds imported into this country and retained for home consumption now exceeds 240,000 tons a year.

When we visited the place there were only a pair of these fortunate beings, and their number rarely exceeds three couples.

The length of the specimen brought home by Captain King exceeds four feet.

Afterwards many others were discovered until now the number exceeds two hundred.

Of the heathen population, no census has ever been taken; but it probably exceeds 300,000.

The principal mosque exceeds in size and artistic construction even the Jumna Mosque in Agra.

Such is the case even at the present day in cities wherein the degree of folly and frenzy exceeds that of ancient Alexandria.

But Donna Catherina, with all her seeming naivet, exceeds him many a degree.

The proper annual motion of the sun Alpha Centauri exceeds 188 millions of leagues per year.