Excellence [noun]

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ProPublica is a finalist for general excellence in online journalism, medium newsroom.

I just think showing the excellence in doing your job, there’s nothing wrong with that, but also fighting for what’s right is important as well.

The synchronicity of James and Davis has come at the cost, for now, of some measure of individual excellence.

Our mission is to maintain their high level of academic excellence.

Without question, the Pels need Williamson at his best to crash the playoff party, but they also need Holiday to keep up his quiet brand of all-around excellence in order to have a chance.

Adequate conception of the extent, the variety, the excellence of the works of Art here heaped together is impossible.

His Characters, in imitation of Theophrastus, is a work of established excellence, and descriptive of the manners of that age.

As his system is the foe of all artificial methods, it is par excellence the “Natural” System.

But they all possess that essential purity and richness of tone without which there is no real excellence.

They attribute this in part to the excellence of their soil and partly to the abundance of birds and yellow jackets.