Excellency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Excellency:

His excellency took one end of the table, and an aide-de-camp the other: I was seated between M. and Madame do Rego.

His excellency bowed slightly, the parvenu humbled himself lower than the earth, then they chatted for a moment.

We have a quantity of mushrooms in the second park, and his excellency amuses himself sometimes by gathering them.

It is clearly understood between us, Excellency, that you will give me five hundred ounces?

When you've reported yourself, if his Excellency remains silent, and takes no notice, bolt.

His Excellency and hundreds of men cannot stand, if the Government send soldiers against them.

His Excellency is to make a speech to us to-night; then the General—ah, what a fine soldier, and eighty years old!

A crowd had gathered near the church, for His Excellency was on his way to visit the Cure.

The news only reached his lordship yesterday at noon, while at breakfast with his Excellency Lord Bobtail, our ambassador.

It will be taken as a grave insult to go ashore without paying your respects to his excellency.