Excels [verb]

Definition of Excels:

be superior; surpass

Synonyms of Excels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excels:

Sentence/Example of Excels:

The last has the true slant for activity and strength, in which it excels all other breeds of equal weight.

And, let me tell you, the rural cuisine of France far excels the civic cuisine that we sometimes meet with out of France.

The forest it bloomed, the boughs leaves put forth— She excels every damsel in beauty and worth.

Odin was thinking that each race must have some craft at which it excels all others.

One excels in care, another in reason, a third in easiness, a fourth in nature and grace.

Chlorodyne, which is nothing more than a mixture of sedatives, often works well, and indeed frequently excels other remedies.

In England the ballad is the musical form of the song, and here this nation excels.

Lucilius wrote long before Horace, who imitates his manner of satire, but far excels him in the design.

I said to myself: whoever excels in anything is sure to acquire a distinguished reception in society.

The pillars, and other parts which remain, have a richness of workmanship about them that excels anything that I saw in Palestine.