Excepting [verb]

Definition of Excepting:

leave out

Synonyms of Excepting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excepting:

Sentence/Example of Excepting:

He was the strangest-looking creature Davy had ever seen, not even excepting the Goblin.

They were quite different excepting only in the fact that they also had done marvels of fighting and endurance.

We modestly reminded her that we always did go, excepting of course on this particular Sunday.

In her husband's loyalty (always excepting his feeling towards Miss Ashton) she rested fully assured.

Some minutes passed in silence, Norman lying still, excepting a nervous trembling that agitated his whole frame.

Excepting this hill, no other high land was seen at the bottom of the bay.

The country here is thickly wooded, but very low, excepting a few ranges of hills that may rise to the height of two hundred feet.

Its public buildings, churches, and other show-places—excepting the cathedral—lack the charm of antiquity.

There is a charm in Defoe's works that one hardly finds, excepting in the Pilgrim's Progress.

He could have borne up manfully if all of it were taken away from him—excepting the hardware store.