Exceptions [noun]

Definition of Exceptions:

leaving out

Synonyms of Exceptions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exceptions:

Sentence/Example of Exceptions:

A ten-hour day, speaking in general terms and leaving out individual exceptions, is probably more productive than a day of twelve.

Subject to the exceptions hereafter named, all dates and numbers should be exactly expressed in the date or number words.

The tone is with few exceptions sweet in quality and seldom powerful, but admirably suited to the amateur.

In the English version—with a few unimportant exceptions—the dates are given according to both calendars.

The streets are unusually wide and with few exceptions the buildings are modern.

Business men and some professional are the only ones that forge steadily ahead; with precious few exceptions.

But it is at least deserving of notice, that the very few apparent exceptions to this rule evidently tend to confirm it.

But, with these important exceptions, the government was entrusted to what then began to be called the Ministry.

These rules might be of any kind, including (subject to exceptions) a total prohibition, then or at any future time.

The most numerous and the most important of these exceptions relate to women, and will be subsequently dealt with.