Excerpts [noun]

Definition of Excerpts:

citation; something taken from a whole

Synonyms of Excerpts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excerpts:

Sentence/Example of Excerpts:

In the third week of Lent excerpts from my opera Undine will be played at Mertens concert.

“Now listen to this, girls,” said Puddy, who was intent on reading her excerpts to the bitter end.

Nevertheless, he read it carefully, and presently drawing a writing pad toward him, he began to note down excerpts from the diary.

Excerpts from its registers are quoted by Shaw, and make interesting reading.

Here are some Excerpts, a select few; which will perhaps be our readiest expedient.

The first Excerpts furnished by Menzel, readers can judge how enigmatic they were.

There is nothing to be gained by making excerpts; the volume is large, but one should in time drift through it.

The American, whilst Mrs. Vansittart was intent on her excerpts from his uncle's letter, studied all that was visible of her face.

I want it to reach the masses, so all the excerpts will be in English.

Illustrate by quoting from other poets and then comparing the excerpts with his 190 work.