Excesses [noun]

Definition of Excesses:

overabundance of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Excesses:

Sentence/Example of Excesses:

Your Majesty will then know the evil and the good men, and the excesses of many, and mine.

M. de Bargeton had been of good physique, but "injured by youthful excesses."

I suffered at the thought of the injury to so frail a constitution which must come from daily excesses like this.

I had heard that these excesses were sometimes committed, but I had formed no idea of the terrible reality.

The society into which he went was disposed to be exceedingly lenient to fashionable excesses.

Her husband appears to have been a low brute, whose excesses impaired whatever mind he originally possessed.

The eighth in general continues to trim little excesses, though the loss is scarcely noticeable.

The loyalist forces now scoured the insurgent districts, and it was found impossible to prevent many excesses from taking place.

Men had killed themselves ere now in such excesses, a dreary and degraded end that made John shudder.

Duncan had made friends again with Eric; but he did not join him in his escapades and excesses, and sat much in other studies.